The viaduct project is currently just before the second phase – the permanent use of the arches. Construction documents were prepared in 2021 and are now awaiting approval. Many meetings and approval processes have led the way to the current status.



4. 4. – Discussions with Councillor for Property Adam Zábranský.


17. 5. – The Department of Territorial Development and Construction of the Prague 8 Municipal District  – notification of the start of joint proceedings.


16. 6. – The Department of Territorial Development and Construction of the Prague 8 Municipal District approves the construction project Negrelliho viadukt and revitalization of its surroundings – pilot no. 036 Prague, Karlín, Negrelliho viadukt.


4. 8. – STRABAG a.s. starts construction works of the first arch of the Negrelli viaduct.

17. 8. – Meeting of Viaduct a.s. with a representative of Councillor Adam Zábranský, Petr Hlaváček, Zdeněk Hřib and the management of TCP a.s. regarding the operation of the Negrelli Viaduct.


12. 9. – MOBA studio s.r.o. handed over the documentation for the selection of the contractor for the interior of the test arc to TCP a.s.


2. 10. – TCP a.s. announces a tender for the Negrelli viaduct and revitalization of its surroundings, stage ET002 – interior equipment of the pilot arch No. 036.


5. 9. – The Department of Territorial Development and Construction of the Prague 8 Municipal District – invitation to the Technical Administration of Communications of the Capital City of Prague Prague, a.s., represented by STRABAG a.s. and VIS, a.s. to complete the project documentation



4. 5. – Negotiations between Viadukt a.s. and the management of TCP a.s. regarding the parameters of future operation.

13. 5. – The City of Prague has received the manual, operational scheme and decision-making powers of the property entrusted to the City of Prague. Prague to TCP, a.s.

24. 5. – The Department of Territorial Development and Construction of the Prague 8 Municipal District issues a decision on the location of the construction “Reinforcement of the arches of the Negrelli Viaduct” in Prague, Karlín.

Official completion of the viaduct reconstruction, including its handover to the client – Správa železnic, a.s.


15. 6. – Technical report of the roads of the capital city Prague, a.s. signed a contract with STRABAG, a.s. for the implementation of the project “Negrelli viaduct – revitalization of the surroundings, action No. 1000109″, within which the mock-up of the first arch is to be implemented. Arch No. 36 is located at the corner of Sokolovská and Prvního pluku Streets.

24. 6. – STRABAG a.s. orders MOBA studio s.r.o. to prepare the project documentation.


3. 9. – TCP, a.s. prepared the first design of the Negrelli Viaduct.



29. 1. – submission of a proposal to the City Council Prague with the following justification:

On 24 June 2019, by Resolution No. 1342, the Council of the Capital City of Prague approved the… The conceptual study “Negrelli Viaduct – Opportunity for a Creative City”, which is currently under project preparation. The anticipated completion of the reconstruction by SŽDC is set for November 2020, when the site will be handed over to the City of Prague, which will follow up the current reconstruction of the Negrelli Viaduct with the investment project “Negrelli Viaduct – Opportunity for a Creative City”.

With regard to the part of the approved conceptual study is also the search for a form of economic self-sufficiency of the operation, but not at the cost of commercialization of the operation, it is necessary to find an appropriate legal form for the future operation, which will ensure program independence. Unfortunately, the current forms available to the City of Prague, whether it is direct management by the city through HOM or the city’s joint stock company TCP a.s., will lead in the long run during election cycles to the commercialization of the site, which, however, the rapidly developing Karlín district can hardly bear and the city will have to participate in further weakening of social diversity, gentrification. The current gentrification of Karlín is or has been mainly driven by private investors, and it is necessary for the city to play the role of an entity that will counterbalance this set trend rather than add to it.

From the city’s activities so far, it is clear that the individual entities that manage the property, whether it is the HOM or TCP a.s., are created so that the rents are as high as possible and compete with the commercial sphere, which, in the case of the Negrelli Viaduct, may jeopardize the quality of the entire project and the credibility of the city towards the residents of Karlín, who have agreed that the area around the Viaduct should be a creative place according to the approved study.

The Council did not discuss the item.


11. 6. – Representation of the Capital City. The City Council of the City of Prague approves the establishment of the institut Kreativní Praha under the number 2M/38.


13. 7. – Department of Monument Preservation of Municipality of Prague together with the National Monument Constitution sets the conditions for the implementation of the conceptual study “Negrelli Viaduct – an opportunity for a creative city”, approved by the City of Prague.


4. 10. – Viadukt a.s. prepares an economic study and rental prices, which is provided by the City of Prague. Prague.



The Prague City Council approves the conceptual study “Negrelli Viaduct – an opportunity for a creative city”


24. 7. – The Council of the Capital City. Resolution No. 1342 approves the conceptual study “Negrelli Viaduct – Opportunity for a Creative City” as a basis for the follow-up project preparation of the investment project “Modifications of the surroundings of the Negrelli Viaduct”.



IPR provided support for the project.


HOM discussions on the form of future cooperation.


26. 3. – Negotiations with the Mayor Adriana Krnáčová on securing non-profit profitable operation of the Viaduct.


23. 4. – Negotiations with the Mayor Adriana Krnáčová on securing non-profit profitable operation of the Viaduct.

30. 4. – Meeting with the Deputy Director of the City Hall. Prague Ing. Zdena Javornická on the establishment of an entity composed of the City of Prague. Prague, SŽDC and Viaduct z.s. to ensure non-profit profitable operation of Viaduct.


The Prague City Council approves the change of land between SŽDC, a.s. and the City of Prague.


22. 10. – Meeting with the Director of the Museum of the Capital City of Prague. Prague – PhDr. Zuzana Strnadová on the inclusion of the Negrelli Viaduct into the Museum’s administration.



SŽDC, a.s. starts reconstruction of the viaduct structure and tracks. After the reconstruction is completed, the viaduct is to become a link between the centre of Prague and the airport. SŽDC, a.s. is focusing on the technical improvement of the structure in the reconstruction. The construction is to be completed by 2021.

Within the framework of the international ARTECITYA project, a book showing seven initiation projects in Europe has been published. The publication presented a timeline of the project and a guide to activating public spaces in other cities.


The Council of Prague 8 approved the Negrelli Viaduct study.


19. 12. – Negotiations with the Railway Infrastructure Administration.

19. 12. – Meeting with the Deputy Mayor of the Capital City of Prague. Petra Kolínská on the establishment of the Viaduct Institute, which was co-founded by City of Prague, SŽDC and Viadukt.



26. 9. – Presentation of the architectural study Negrelli Viaduct – an opportunity for a creative city at Karolíny Světlé 31.



Negrelli Viaduct – Opportunity for a Creative City is a long-term project of CCEA, which has been experimenting between architecture, art and public interest since 2012. The project has organised many events to highlight and test the potential of the Negrelli Viaduct and its integration into urban life.
After the successful completion of the verification phase, the overall reconstruction of the Negrelli Viaduct was approved by the City Council. Prague approved the construction of permanent spaces in the arches of the viaduct. You can read about this phase of the project here.



In the autumn of 2016, the Viaduct Symposium – Opportunity for a Creative City took place under the auspices of the then Mayor of Prague Adriana Krnáčová. The event featured Gerry Schwitter from Zurich, architect Silja Tillner from Vienna and representatives of the management of the Paris viaduct manager, Semaest, who presented the transformations and operations of foreign viaducts. Their input was complemented by Yvette Vašourková and Igor Kovačević from CCEA MOBA, who presented the architectural and urban planning study for the Negrelli Viaduct in Prague.


An event that for a few months (July-October) turned the parking lot under the Negrelli Viaduct into a pleasant environment for spending free time. CCEA, together with partners, improved this neglected public space and, together with those who visited under the arches of the viaduct, tested its involvement in quality urban life. The new active infill has increased informal control of the site and safety in the surrounding area. The summer under the viaduct included the temporary operation of several recreational sports facilities and a day bistro with sports equipment rental. It also offered a rich cultural programme. A pleasant summer mix for those spending their holidays in the city.



On 16th of May 2015, one of the arches of the Negrelli Viaduct was temporarily opened to the public as part of an international event called Open House Prague. Under the auspices of CCEA MOBA, the former site of the collection of raw materials was transformed into a mini exhibition space showing the past, present and future of the viaduct.


The symposium Metamorphosis of viaducts in European cities was organised by the architectural office CCEA MOBA together with the Consortium for Karlín at the headquarters of the insurance company Kooperativa on 15 January 2015. The symposium brought together at one table all the main actors in the reconstruction of the Negrelli Viaduct. It was the first ever joint meeting of all the stakeholders; it succeeded in setting up a new, more operational way of communication between the different actors, which will lead to the improvement of public space and life after the reconstruction of the viaduct in the Karlín district. The aim of the symposium was to create a precondition for the creation of a creative incubator under the viaduct in Karlin. All stakeholders agreed on the revival of the now neglected public space.


On 14 January 2015, an interactive discussion with the neighbours of the viaduct took place in the Karlín Spectrum Lounge on the initiative of CCEA MOBA, with the aim of discussing with the Karlín residents how they think these spaces should look like in the future and what should happen there. This meeting was also attended by teachers and architecture students from TU Berlin, who have been working on the topic of the use of the Negrelli Viaduct in parallel. The result of the discussion was subsequently presented at the symposium to representatives of Prague and its districts, land and building owners and relevant officials.



A group of twelve students worked in the winter semester 2014/15 on the research project Mutating Infrastructure, which dealt with the transformation of the Negrelli Viaduct in Prague. The work was carried out under the auspices of the Institute of Sustainable Planning and Urbanism CHORA City & Energy, TU Berlin. The students participated in a workshop at the ARCHIP School of Architecture in Prague in November. In spring 2015 they presented their designs at the final critiques.



One of the first revivals of the Negrelli Viaduct arches was organised by CCEA MOBA in September 2013. The event, called “The Prague – Karlín – Viaduct Gallery Track”, brought together Prague galleries, curators, artists and residents of Karlín. The spaces of the arches provided a backdrop for concerts, screenings, a bar, children’s workshops, theatre, dance or culinary performances. The intention of this project was to draw attention to the potential of the Negrelli Viaduct and to start testing the possibilities of integrating it into urban life, directly on the ground. Prominent Prague galleries were invited to participate. M. 180 gallery, MeetFactory, Drdova gallery, Ferdinand Baumann Gallery, Patricia Milano Gallery, Divus, FUTURA Centre for Contemporary Art, NTK Gallery, Tranzitdisplay and many other actors.
The event attracted a lot of media attention and after a meeting with the representatives of the City Hall, the Department of Property Management gave our recommendation to unite all the land under the arches under the administration of the City of Prague.



The Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC), which owns the viaduct in Karlin, announced at the end of 2012 that it was going to start work on the connection between Masaryk Station and the airport. The whole project should start with the repair of the Negrelli viaduct – this was the first impulse and the beginning of the whole project. Since then, SŽDC has been gradually terminating the existing lease agreements. The carefully prepared reconstruction, which is being prepared for SŽDC by SUDOP, originally did not envisage the use of the space under the arches, among other reasons, because of complicated property relations in the area. We are glad that we have managed to establish cooperation over the past years, to help straighten out the ownership of the land in the area and to open a joint discussion.